At Exceed college we offer the following on the CAPS (UMALUSI) syllabus:


Grade 1 – 9 for both English and Afrikaans students


The CAPS syllabus is the national syllabus as implemented by the department of education in all nine provinces, SACAI and the IEB


Following the CAPS syllabus will allow your candidate to sit for the UMALUSI NSC (National Senior Certificate) exams at the end of Grade 12. 



CAPS Structure for the NSC exams (FET Phase – Grade 10 to 12):


  • Total number of subjects: 7


    • 1 Home Language (HL | HT)
    • 1 First Additional Language (FAL | EAT)
    • Mathematics (MAM) or Mathematical Literacy (MAL)
    • Life Orientation (LO)
    • Chosen Subject 1
    • Chosen Subject 2 
    • Chosen Subject 3 


  • Passing criteria | Resulting Criteria: 


    • All PAT (Practical Assessment Tasks) must be completed and submitted on time (if and where applicable) 
    • PAT Assessments contributes 25% of the total annual marks and students who do not complete these assignments will not be resulted by SACAI | UMALUSI


  • Subjects with PAT components:


    • Computer Application Technology (CAT | RTT)
    • Engineering Graphic and Design (EGD | IGO)
    • Agricultural Management Practices (AMP | LBP)
    • Tourism (TOUR | TOER)


  • All orals must be completed and assessed by qualified, pre appointed teachers 


  • Passing Grades:


(Annual Average) 


    • Home Language (HL | HT): 40% 
    • 40% in two other subjects 
    • 30% in four other subjects